Ewa Sadowska

Chief Executive Officer


Ewa Sadowska is a member of the Barka Foundation Board of Trustees and the Chief Executive Officer of Barka UK and Barka for Mutual Help Ireland.

Ewa graduated from Palmer High School in Colorado, USA; has a master degree in Ethnolinguistics at the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan, Poland and post graduate degree in social economy management from the Warsaw University. She grew up in Barka communities established by her parents Barbara and Tomasz Sadowski in 1989. From March 1995 until December 2003 Ewa worked as International Contacts’ Coordinator at Barka Foundation for Mutual Help. In 2003 Ewa was a Planning Officer in the Population and Community Development Association PDA in Bangkok, Thailand.

In November 2000 she participated in traineeship at Grameen Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh in microfinance and capacity-building consulting services – innovative solutions to global poverty led by Mohammad Yunus, the winner of Nobel Prize in 2006. Since June 2007 Ewa has been coordinating Network of Barka Projects for Economic Migrants’ Integration in Western Europe. 

In March 2008 the World Economic Forum announced Ewa Sadowska a Young Global Leader 2008.

Ewa Sadowska