Dr Lidia Więsierska-Chyc

Board Member


Lidia Węsierska-Chyc – Doctor of Humanities in the field of philosophy. She completed her doctoral studies at the Poznań University of Economics (area of interest: social market economy).

Head of the Wielkopolska Centre for Solidarity Economics since 2015, active at the Social Economy Support Centre in the Poznań sub-region, in Poland, run by the Barka Mutual Aid Foundation. A member of the Board of the National Federation for Solving the Problem of Homelessness in Poland.


  • work in regional government (2 years)
  • work at the Centre for Social Integration run by the Barka School Association and the Barka Foundation (Director of the Board office
  • coordinator in the “Social Economy in Practice” project, co-funded by PIW Equal)
  • coordinator of the Barka Network of the Municipal Standard for Getting Out of Homelessness project

Experience in: 

  • building local partnerships
  • establishing and running social enterprises
  • obtaining external funding
  • consulting and training for civic organisations and social enterprises
Lidia Węsierska-Chyc photo