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Outreach Workers

Barka UK can provide two Outreach Workers (one Leader and one Assistant) who can work full time. Barka Leaders share with clients their experience of overcoming addiction and homelessness.

Our Outreach Team regularly patrols streets and woods in the mornings, nights and evenings looking for homeless people in a need for shelter.


Reconnecting prisoners to Barka Communities in Poland/with Home or Family support


Study visits to Barka Community Centres in Poland and internships

Reconnections outside London

Barka UK ‘Reconnections’ project outside London

Immigration advice

Our clients can benefit directly from a legal advice from a trusted team of lawyers we cooperate with on a regular basis.

Help line

Dedicated Barka helpline in the UK.
Coming soon!
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Rough Sleepers

Reconnecting Rough Sleepers with a suitable agency (community, Social/Professional Integration Centre, Social Enterprise, Rehabilitation Centre) that will meet their needs as well as to families. 


securing all the necessary documents to enable travel to the clients’ country of origin.


arranging and paying for the return of clients to their country of origin.


recording client data in accordance with the requirements and share such data as may be required.

Study visits

organising study visits and formation training for professionals working in the field of social assistance this includes study visits to social enterprises and rehabilitation facilities in Poland and Eastern Europe.


holding a close cooperation with prison and probation service both in the UK and in countries of origin. This is particularly important as a number of our clients hold a criminal record

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