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Barka UK is a non-for-profit organisation that was established in June 2007, committed to assisting homeless Central & Eastern European migrants in the UK via Reconnection Project model.

Our services

We provide help for those in need in the UK

Barka UK is a registered charity and our main service is a Reconnection Project providing assistance with voluntary reconnections to nationals of Central and Eastern Europe who are homeless, rough sleeping, face mental health issues, have been released from prison and who may have no recourse to public funds. 

We are based in London and Milton Keynes and work closely with local services there such as day centres, night shelters, prisons and probation service, medical services as well as Central-Eastern European Consulates and local churches.


Help and Advice

Voluntary reconnections, referring clients to Barka UK Social Economy Centre for Employment Programme and psychological assistance, legal and administrative support, referring clients to housing associations and offering support in making homelessness applications to council, and more …


Reconnections Project

Barka UK Voluntary Reconnections project provides assisted return for Central and Eastern European (CEE) migrants to their country of origin. We helped to return voluntarily to the countries of origin, over 5000 migrants from Central and Eastern Europe.


Other projects

We provide initial assessment forms for all clients, co-operate alongside the existing Outreach Services, support clients with applications for  Universal Credit, Settled Status, obtaini passports and temporary documents, and more.



Who we are

Meet Barka UK Team

barka UK charity team

Our mission and goals

Barka UK is committed to assisting homeless people in our community. Our mission is to empower severely excluded people to regain their independence and dignity by social integration. We also offer support for their personal development through education and entrepreneurship. Prevention services are in place to help people avoid homelessness.

The aim is to improve health and well-being of destitute persons in our society, through education and improved community programs. We have developed  a life-changing training programme that uses employment as the lever, and tackles some of the underlying issues behind people being unable to find and keep work.

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Our partners

We work with a number of trusted partners in the UK and Poland


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