A story of R

R. (39) came to the United Kingdom from Poland in January 2014 and has been sleeping rough throughout the entire period. As a migrant who has not worked in the UK for a sustained period he did not receive benefits and he could not access short term accommodation services. He has had alcohol issues since…

Robert – 41 year old Polish national

Robert is a divorcee but he has a partner with whom he has a son. Back in Poland, Robert graduated from the technical college. After the college, he continued his education at a private university, where he studied psychology. After two years he had to suspend his studies due to financial struggles and began working…

Jerzy Marynarz london thames
I could be at the bottom of the Thames right now

In another life I should be at the bottom of the Thames right now. Or perhaps I might have found my way back to Poland by myself, but even then I would still be the same drunk Jerzy. I came to London for a holiday at first, to visit my son who was working here.…