Grand opening of the Tomasz Sadowski pitch at Barka HQ in Poland – 16th and 17th of September 2023

Barka UK participated in the grand opening of the Tomasz Sadowski pitch and the football tournament in Poznan, Poland. It was a remarkable event – with long months of preparations.

The grand opening, on Saturday, was a multi-cultural and integrating event. A great, joyful celebration of integration, sport, social economy, business cooperation and solidarity with Ukraine. Jacek Jaskowiak, the President of Poznań, accepted an Honorary Patronage over the event.

Tomasz Sadowski, the Founder of Barka often emphasised that in the process of complete reconstruction of a person, rehabilitation through sport plays a significant role. His numerous experiences in working with disabled people or those suffering from polio, as well as his friendship with the Sports Academy professor, who lost both limbs in a car accident and the following winter took part in a ski competition, showed that if physical rehabilitation is possible, even in the most extreme case, similarly – mental rehabilitation of a person experiencing pain and trauma also needs to be carried out.

On Sunday, sport picnic for communities and friends was held as well as a football tournament.

Tomek Sadowski pitch was built thanks to the involvement of 8 companies, which in this way carry out business social responsibility tasks which has been cooperating with Barka on Poznan.

As a student, Tomasz Sadowski realised that physical activity is an integral part of human development. By overcoming the limitations of a body systematically, one builds a stronger physical structure and most importantly – it is inseparable to overcoming your own weaknesses and maintaining good mental health.

The Barka pitch named after T. Sadowski will be a place of meeting and building a community among people from different walks of life. It is a symbolic embodiment of Tomek Sadowski’s life, which has become a polygon for shaping the conditions for great cooperation.

“(… )Not everyone was equally gifted with fates, situations, culture or civilisation. “Those of us who are fortunate enough to participate in and understand events of importance to the development of the world are privileged – but also obliged to give it back a hundredfold to those who were not so fortunate.” (T. Sadowski)

Next tournaments will be held on a regular basis – for different community teams, municipal offices’ employees, social integration centres, etc.

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