Commemoration of World Refugee Day at the House of Lords: 20th June 2023

Barka UK attended the launch of the “Protecting Refugees- Manifesto” in the House of Lords at Westminster Palace, the home of British Parliamentary Democracy.

Over the last 12 months Barka-UK has been participating in a special working Committee called “Humanitarians Together” which compiled a 12 Point non-partisan Manifesto initiated by Lord Roberts from Wales who is a member of the House of Lords and a good friend of Barka.

The Manifesto is a response to the insufficient and chaotic Migration and Refugee Policy of the UK Government. There were over 80 attendees at the Launch, including the Mayor of Grand-Synthe, Carlo De Marco the Secretary General of the ‘Border Towns and Islands’ Network and Vito Fiorino, an Italian Citizen who saved 47 Migrant Lives from the Mediterranean Sea of the coast of Lampedusa. Carlo’s translation of Vito’s heroic experience encapsulated point number two of the Manifesto which highlights the importance of “stopping all dangerous crossings” over the English Channel.

Other speakers included a young 13 year old daughter of a refugee and members from the World Refugee Choir. The event was covered in the British Media. Our thanks go to the organisers and special guests who travelled from France and Italy.

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