Barka Easter celebrations – 31st of March 2024

Another, already 35th Easter celebrated together is behind us!

As the festive season approaches, homeless, the poorest people feel loneliness more than usual and the need to spend this special time with others. That is why, every year for 35 years, we have organised Easter breakfast for those who do not have the opportunity to spend this time in decent conditions, with their loved ones and families.

On Sunday, a beautiful Easter breakfast was held at Barka HQ in Poznan, Poland for 250 lonely, poor, homeless people, residents of Poznań and people from Ukraine who would not like to be alone that day.

We sat together at the tables set with Easter breakfast, celebrating the Resurrection, which brings hope and joy. We shared the dishes that we blessed at St. Margaret’ Church on Saturday afternoon, we exchanged hugs, wishes and testimonies, and there were traditional dishes and cakes on our tables. It was an extraordinary time – for body and spirit.

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